Family Matters Senior Living

Connecting Families and Care in Western Pennsylvania  

Placement in Personal Care, Memory Care and Independent Living

Family Matters Senior Living helps people find the right Personal Care Home, Assisted Living Home, Memory Care Home or Independent Living Home in Western, PA. Our services are provided at no charge to the family. Our local Placement Specialists will provide you with expert advice that will save you time and worry. Contact a Placement Specialist today for a directory of Senior Living Communities in your neighborhood.


Our services begin with contact from the family, a referral source or a friend concerned about the health and well being of their loved one.


Selecting senior living care for your loved one can be an overwhelming experience. To help you make the right decision, check out our  list of professionals. 

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Our services are provided at no charge to the family. Our goal is to make this difficult time in life as easy as possible for everyone involved.